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    What Are Electronic Control Units?

    Every vehicle has a sophisticated computer system inside of them called an electronic control unit (ECU). These ECU’s help to ensure that your vehicle is operating at optimal levels at all times. This allows you to have the best performance possible at all times. This includes better fuel economy, additional power, and overall enhanced drivability.

    What Is Remapping?

    When a vehicle remap is done, it’s the default software for the ECU being replaced. The old software is replaced with a new program that allows the car performance to improve. The reason why the term remapping is used is because the ECU works similar to a map. It gives directions for the controls of the engine so that they are doing what they are supposed to do each time. When your vehicle has been remapped, the software that is plugged into the car serial port is overwritten. The new version is then used in all areas of engine performance, so you know that as long as you have the latest version in your vehicle, your vehicle is operating precisely as it should.

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    Dyno Graphs For KTM. Stock Software vs “Our” Tune With Water Methanol Injection With No Additional Boost And Ignition

    What Are The Benefits Of This Software?We find that there are a number of reasons for remapping a vehicle. First, there is the obvious benefit of the engine responding better when the driver presses down on the accelerator. The overall torque improves and the power delivery ensures that your overall experience is a much safer one. That makes the vehicle easier to operate and provides additional safety for everyone inside of it. At the same time, miles per gallon also improve. This isn’t due to a decrease in cost of the fuel itself, instead it deals more with the amount of fuel that is required to optimize the vehicle. As an added bonus, your car operates greener and that means you are reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. You’ll even see an improvement on the rev range of the vehicle.

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